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MaintainX knows that today’s operational teams aren’t sitting behind computers all day. They’re out in the field, completing work orders and running their businesses. That’s why the MaintainX team built a frontline record management platform that’s optimized for mobile. That’s also why MaintainX doesn’t wait for busy customers to read their email: they send text messages directly to their customers’ phones. And that’s why MaintainX uses Avochato.

MaintainX doesn’t wait for busy customers to read their email.

When Nick Haase, co-founder of MaintainX, first started reaching out to customers over email, he was disappointed by the conversion rates.

“They were so much lower for email,” Haase said. “We were getting a 12% open rate.” The engagement rate was even lower than the open rate, with emails yielding only a couple of responses. Ever.


Benefit one

MaintainX increased sales conversions by reaching customers on their phones

Benefit two

Avochato makes it easy to have phone calls and text messages in the same place

Benefit three

Small sales team has outsized impact by using text messages for conversations

After MaintainX started using Avochato to text customers, they immediately saw better results. Their engagement rate jumped to 26%, with customers often reaching out for questions about the pricing or product while they considered starting a trial with MaintainX.

Their engagement rate jumped to 26% by switching to text messages

To make their internal workflow more efficient, Haase set up a pipeline that leverages Zapier to keep MaintainX’s sales CRM data synced with Avochato. MaintainX reaches out to customers who have downloaded the app to help address any concerns. “We wait about a day after they download, so that they have some time to play with the app, and we see if they have any questions,” Haase said.

This is our first line of engagement to hear more about their needs. It really makes a difference.

MaintainX’s sales team also takes advantage of Avochato’s call functionality in order to conduct in-depth informational phone calls with leads. That way, phone calls and text messages all get logged in the same place, keeping the team on the same page.

Maintainx person

“Our users are really happy to hear from us because they really love our product.”

Additionally, MaintainX uses Avochato to provide ongoing support for customers. When issues come up, his customers have the option to text in a question instead of waiting on hold over the phone.

“Our users are really happy to hear from us because they really love our product,” Haase said.

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