Verify Your Business with A2P 10DLC

A2P 10DLC allows trusted companies to reach their customers at scale with better deliverability and throughput.

A2P in a Nutshell

A2P 10DLC routes help improve deliverability and throughput for trusted businesses and at the same time protect end users from receiving spam.

Companies who engage in responsible texting practices will be able to better reach their customers more consistently, while consumers will feel safer from phishing and other bad texting experiences.

Why use A2P 10DLC routes

Better Deliverability

Companies that follow the requirements for A2P 10DLC will likely see less filtering of their messages.

Higher Throughput

Additional throughput will be available to companies based on their Trust Score.

Safer for Customers

Recipients are less likely to receive unwanted messages and spam.

Lower Cost

10DLC numbers are less expensive than short codes, which can cost quite a bit.

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