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How your team can use our features

Promote Two-Way Dialogue


Most people prefer text messaging. In fact, 98% of text messages are read and replied to within 5 minutes. Keep your company’s text messages organized and secure with Avochato.


Phone continues to be an important part of every business. With Avochato, calls, texts, and messages are all handled from the same dashboard, keeping communication with customers seamless.

Live Chat

With our website chat widget, you can engage directly with customers while they are visiting your web page. Avochato makes it easy to seamlessly transition from chat to text to keep your customers engaged after they leave your site.

Workflow Simplified


Avochato’s flexible tags allow you to easily organize contacts. Use automated tags to understand where your customers are coming from and message them accordingly.

Keywords & Surveys

Your team shouldn’t be spending their time answering the same questions over and over again. With keyword responses and surveys, Avochato automates responses to your most commonly asked questions.

SOC2 Compliance

Security is important to your business and your customers. We’ve invested heavily in security and privacy so that you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe and secure.

Communicate Freely

Multimedia Messages

Send and receive images, videos, and attachments using one of your unique Avochato phone numbers and our secure storage cloud.

iOS and Android Apps

Avochato’s free iPhone and Android apps and fully-featured mobile website enable you to stay in touch with your most important contacts without exposing your personal number.

Broadcast Messages

Send personalized, custom-tailored texts to your entire target audience at once, using localized phone numbers. One-to-many texting allows you to maintain multiple two-way conversations at once for alerts, promotions, and campaigns.

Integrations and API


Text or Call directly from a Salesforce record and automatically track all touch-points within a Salesforce instance. Sync contact data and custom fields to new or existing records in Salesforce.


Keep track of all your customer communications with Avochato’s Microsoft Teams integration.


Send and receive text messages directly from the Slack channel of your choice.


Use Avochato's native Zapier Triggers and Actions to connect your inbox to thousands of CRMs out-of-the-box

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