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Get More Responses and Higher Conversions With Avochato's Killer Features

Live Inbox

View all your customer communication in one place. Dive straight into one-on-one texting conversations, re-engage with cold leads, and easily hand off opportunities within your team while preserving chat history.


Send personalized, custom-tailored texts to your entire target audience at once, using localized phone numbers. One to many mass texting allows you to maintain multiple two-way conversations at once for alerts, promotions, and campaigns.

Chat Widget

Add the Avochato Chat Widget to your websites and drive new leads into the top of your funnel. Customers who enter their name and number into the widget automatically receive a text kicking off a conversation.

Textable Landlines

With Avochato, you can text-enable your office phone numbers. Text messages to those numbers appear in Avochato, so you can continue texting away from your desk using Avochato's Apps and Mobile Website. No new number or device required!

Native iPhone and Android Apps

Use Avochato's free iPhone and Android apps on the go, as well as our fully-featured mobile website, to always stay in touch with your most important contacts without exposing your personal number.

Automated Surveys

Create customizable surveys and start collecting information automatically. Avochato Surveys let you easily qualify your leads, then send the results to your system of choice.

Programmable API

Use Avochato's next-generation messaging API to send texts, search your inbox, and manage contacts programatically.

Google Adwords Click-to-Message

Embed your Avochato phone number directly into Google Adwords and turn your ad clicks into text message conversations. Adwords Campaigns fill your Avochato inbox with warm leads, and your team can respond to them in real-time.

Multimedia Messages

Send and receive images, videos, and attachments using your unique Avochato phone number and our secure storage cloud.

Unique, Localized Phone Numbers

Text anyone from anywhere, using brand new, fully-functional phone numbers with the area code (and country code) of your choice. Or, bring your existing number into Avochato to experience all the benefits of our platform with no down-time.

Call Forwarding

Avochato intelligently routes incoming calls to your team's personal devices, your existing IVR, and to other services.

Avochato Caller ID

Forwarded calls to personal phones, with your Avochato number in the caller ID. They can choose to join the incoming call, and are alerted if another agent has already picked up.

Robo-Call Protection

Each Avochato number comes with an optional robot dialer detection system to prevent auto-dialers from reaching your Avochato numbers and cluttering your inbox.

Voicemail Inbox

Avochato securely stores incoming voicemails forever so you never misplace a recording again.

Assisted Intelligence

Upload customer-specific data-- from names and email addresses, to campaign parameters and custom links-- and Avochato can automatically embed them into your text messages. Spend less time looking up information and more time delighting your audience.

Message Templates

Compose the perfect response ahead of time using Message Templates. Save time, simplify onboarding, and standardize the way your team solves problems. Include personalizable variables like the contact's first name or the senders name to make outreach a breeze.

Assignable Conversations

Automatically distribute incoming conversations among team members. Manually re-assign conversations to send a notification to the new owner that their expertise is required.

Status Tracking

Organize conversations as they progress from new inquiries to closed sales.

Native Slack Integration

Avochato conversations sync directly into Slack threads. Read and respond directly from your favorite channel without leaving Slack. Learn More

Contact Uploading and Syncing

Upload and organize your existing contacts' data for sending targetted, personalized messages. Securely manage phone numbers, email addresses, and more. Avochato intelligently eliminates duplicates and makes it easy to keep track of TCPA opt-out data.

Secure Contact Lists

Avochato makes it easy to keep secure, separate, searchable contact lists across accounts, to easily keep your audiences separate.
Search through your message history and contact lists quickly and easily.

Keyword-Activated Responses

Setup an unlimited number of Keywords for promotions, updates, or to guide users through menus. When a Keyword is activated by an incoming text message, Avochato will fire off a reply of your choice.

Schedule Texts

Draft a reminder message in the inbox, then choose the time and date to send it out. Avochato will handle the rest.

Team Permissions

Control what you and your teammates can access within Avochato to maintain stability while your business grows.


Track your team's usage and measure engagement with Avochato's analytics suite. Get a visual breakdown of inbound versus outbound message volume and call frequency, as well as downloadable performance metrics to see all your stats.


Avochato offers numerous notification options for staying on top of incoming texts and calls, including push notifications, browser notifications, email triggers, and more.

Office Hours

With Number-specific, customizable Office Hours, Avochato limits when you receive calls and notifications, and can even send custom automated replies when a customer tries to reach you when you are not online.

Muting and Spam Protection

Sick of the spam? Prevent abusive or malicious actors from texting or calling your Avochato number with One-Click Muting and built in Spam-throttling.


Automatically or Manually Tag contacts to easily organize, search, and re-target groups of contacts.

Multiple Phone Numbers

Whether you need one line per department, or one line per teammember, Avochato makes scaling your business's communications easy. Register multiple new phone numbers, then access all of them through one app.

First-Class Call Quality

Each Avochato number comes fully equipped to handle incoming, outgoing, and conference phone calls using our web dashboard or our mobile apps. Go from texting to talking with the push of a button.

One-Time Responses

Avochato makes it easy to instantly respond when someone new texts your number with organic automated one-time responses.

Team Management

Invite any number of your teammates to Avochato and safely control who can use each of new phone numbers.

Trusted Security

Avochato guarantees secure storage and transport of your data using industry standard SSL termination, HTTPS, and message encryption.

TCPA Keyword Compliance

Avochato provides tools for Automated TCPA compliance, preventing anyone who revokes their consent with STOP and OPTOUT keywords from receiving messages from your business.

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