Welcome to Avochato's Bug Bounty Program

This program encourages and rewards developers, and security researchers who help make Avochato a secure environment.

Text BUG to +1 (415) 843-8739 or email bug@avochato.com

About the Program

On a quarterly basis Avochato will evaluate all valid bug submissions that have been remediated (not reported) during that quarter and award bounties for those we consider to be the Top 25 Bugs or Bug Reporters for the quarter. Only those Reporters included in the Top 25 will receive a bounty and Top 25 Hall of Fame recognition. The bounties range from $250 to a potential maximum award of $10,000.

Avochato will determine the Top 25 and award amounts based on criteria such as the type/severity of the bug, impacted domain(s), potential bug exploits, and bug report submission quality. ALL AWARDS AND THE CRITERIA USED TO DETERMINE THE QUARTERLY TOP 25 IS SOLELY AT THE DISCRETION OF AVOCHATO SERVICES, INC. AND THE AVOCHATO BUG BOUNTY BOARD.