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The Top Features for Sales Team

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Avochato Campaigns let you craft a cadence of automated texts. Embed dynamic fields such as name, company, or your own custom fields to personalize every touch-point and increase response rates.

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Call and text from the same app and the same phone number, saving you the time and frustration of switching apps.
Listen to voicemail, forward calls, block robocalls, and log call notes straight from the app.

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Live Inbox

Handle inbound texts and calls in real-time using Avochato's filterable and customizable Live Inbox.

Sell More Effectively

Connect frequently,
sell efficiently

Checkmark 98% of texts are opened in the first 10 minutes they are received.
Checkmark Chat with multiple prospects at the same time using Avochato’s shared inbox.
Checkmark Make sure prospects show up for your phone conversations by sending them reminder texts.
Checkmark Integrations with Salesforce and Slack help you text without disrupting your sales workflow.
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Using Avochato for Sales

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I cannot recommend Avochato enough. If I was forced to only use one channel to communicate with customers between email, phone calls and SMS, I would go with Avochato. Our engagement rates with Avochato are higher than email and phone calls combined - and our engagement rates were already quite strong.



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Avochato ON-THE-GO

Keep in touch with your customers wherever you go

Checkmark iOS and Android apps let you communicate from your business number on the go.
Checkmark Automated out of office responses keep your customers informed when you’re away.
Checkmark Keyword auto-responses share FAQs with your customers when you’re unavailable.
Checkmark Share photos and videos with customers using Avochato’s MMS functionality.
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