Text customers, staff, and others from Slack

Integrate Avochato with Slack to communicate quickly and efficiently through text messages.

How it works

Customers text you from their mobile phones,
you reply directly from Slack.

Text from Slack or from Avochato

Whether you choose to text customers from Slack or Avochato's apps, all conversations are logged in Slack.
Avochato apps

Maximize Efficiency

Agents using Avochato and Slack can chat with multiple customers at a time, saving time and stress for everyone.

How to get started

Slack started 1

1. Sign Up Free

Sign up for Avochato. If you need a Slack account, sign up for a free account here.
Slack started 2

2. Integrate Slack

Within Avochato, go to "Integrations" and click "Add to Slack". Choose a channel to post to.
Slack started 3

3. Text back automatically

New calls and texts will create threads in your Slack channel. To respond, simply reply in the thread.

What do I get with Avochato?


Phone Number

Unique number to send and receive messages to and from customers.

Web Dashboard

Dashboard to manage customer conversation threads. Invite unlimited team members to your account.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps so your teams can text with customers from anytime and anywhere. Available for iPhone and Android.
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